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How to Extract Audio from Video?


One handy utility that everyone needs nowadays is a software program that can extract audio, sound, or background music from home movies, YouTube videos, or any other video file. Free MP4 to MP3 Converter, working an audio extractor, lets you extract audio from video and save as MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc. formats to play on your computer, MP3 player or media player for enjoyment.

1. Input Video

Click "Add" to import video files - to import one or more files, choose "Add Files"; to import a folder with video files, choose "Add Folder"; to import a folder with subfolder(s), choose "Add Folder Tree". The you can use "Up" & "Down" to change the order.

Input Video

2. Preset Output Settings

In "Profiles" menu, choose "MP3" and you can see the details of the profile you select in the "Option Summary" panel at the right. Or you can directly choose the output format in "Container" menu. To edit the parameters of the profiles, click "New/Edit" and change the settings in the "Profile Editor" Window. You are allowed to choose the video and audio codec as well as the encoder to use. To change the codec settings, click "Video and Audio Options" and set the options as you want. Choose output path by "Browse" .

Preset Output Settings

3. Start Conversion

When all settings done, click "Encode" to start video conversion.

Start Conversion

Click "Tools" button and you will find more functions that may come helpful: File Info, Delays, Video-Audio Effects, Load Scripts, Image and Audio to Video, Dub Video, Video to GIF and Watermark.

Start Conversion

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